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>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About three years ago now I had this incredible dream where I was on a beach somewhere in the world.  It wasn't day or night; it might have been dusk or right before dawn.  Either way it was not quite light or dark out.  I walked right up to the edge of the water which was massive.  It was literally enchanting.  I think it might have been somewhere like the Mediterranian because it was just breathtaking.  I've never had another dream that put me there, and I've often wanted to go back.  

I feel like that water was on the edge of life and death.
The past few years I've been interested in lucid dreaming--the act of becoming aware of the fact that you are dreaming--and then from there working in my dreams to change my dream life.  The last (year-long) program I took at Evergreen had a significant portion of our learning dedicated to the psychology of dreams and lucid dreaming.   While I was in the program I had a number of moments that I became lucid, mostly because I followed a number of time-tested induction techniques, but since the class I haven't really had any.  
I think its probably because I'm too lazy or otherwise caught up to go through the exercises or at least focus my intent on becoming lucid before I fall asleep.

I think becoming lucid can be about more than having fun and flying around.  Hell, the few times I tried to fly around I ended up hopping up and down ridiculously and falling to the ground.  I think you can really delve into parts of yourself and learn more about the contents of your psyche.  And I know that practicing a real life skill in your dreams does make you better at it.  Its been clinically validated, I believe.

All I'm looking for is a chance to get back to that water and sand.   It really was incredible.

A great site, btw:  The Lucid Dreaming Exchange.  The LDE issues are free online, or you can purchase a print copy for a small fee.  Robert Waggoner, the creator/moderator (?) is pretty famous in this field, and it really is quite fascinating.    

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