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>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

From Reverend Ed Townley's original podcast of The Bible Alive, 06.08.2008

"In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is clear and specific about what he expects from his disciples...Discussing Matthew 9:35 through 10:11:"
"Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received.  Freely give."

Townley understands this as 'marching orders' for each of us as well.  He talks of the 12 disciples representing different aspects of ourselves.  This is largely based on Charles Fillmore's understanding of the metaphysical meaning of the 12 disciples.  
He also understands each entreaty to be directly applicable today if we open up our hearts to a different understanding of the words than has been traditionally taught in mainstream Christian churches.  
What does 'cast out demons' mean to us today?  How is it applicable, aside from the traditional meaning?  
When we think of lepers, we usually think of chronic illness.  But we can also understand it from the way lepers were perceived and treated during the time of Jesus.  Who in our society today is treated as an unclean outcast?  What does it mean to 'cleanse' them?  Isn't it also about cleansing our perceptions discrimination and intolerance?

I also take these 'marching orders' literally.  I think metaphor and physical manifestations can (and must) exist simultaneously. 

I do think if we had full faith in God dwelling in us we could raise the dead, just as Jesus instructed us to do.  (Jesus stated very clearly that we should do as he did, and greater things than that we shall do because he made the path.  If only we would listen!)

Karl Isakson's depiction of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead

I also take it metaphorically.  Death is an illusion.  And it is real.  Raising the dead can also be understood as lifting the veil of impenetrability, of coming into a full, experiential understanding the simultaneous reality and illusion (the union of opposites, thank you, Jung!) of death.

To find this and other Rev Ed podcasts of The Bible Alive, visit The Bible Alive's homepage at

I'll most likely be engaging with these podcasts as I put down more of my thoughts on God, existence, and everything else to share with the rest of you.  


Liina October 11, 2009 at 1:44 PM  

Brandy, I didn't know you had this blog. It's really exciting for me to read your work about spirituality because it is something that has always impressed and interested me about you, and I've wished we could talk about more.

Do you remember one of the first times we were hanging out, with some other people, and some kids stopped us in Sylvester Park, and asked if we believed in Jesus Christ? I said no, and I don't remember if it was true or not at the time, but then he "allowed" us to pass through the park. Later you said you felt bad for not being truthful about your belief. And it impressed the hell out of me, because I'd never met a Christian like you.

While I consider myself a Christian now, I have not done much work or study about it, and I'm glad I can read the views of someone who I know and trust. Let's spend a lot of time together when I move back to Olympia!!

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