The Peak of Creativity

>> Thursday, November 5, 2009

I believe I've discovered

the time of day that I am the most creative

and productive: Between 12pm and 2pm.  It is during these times that I feel like I have a current of power/energy flowing through me; an electrical current that is directly connecting me to the Divine.

If I can take my lunch during this peak time, this peak of creativity, I know I'll be happier.  I think what's been happening is I work (or am online or am goofing off) through this important time.  When I don't use it, here's what I notice happening:

  • I lose all energy/get lethargic OR I have intense energy that doesn't have anywhere to go, and this is when the energy turns destructive; it turns inward.  Because it isn't expressing outwardly, I become agitated and aggressive, with others, and most notably, with myself.
This negative energy seems to destroy all facets of productivity and self-worth I'd cultivated up to this point.  I then feel worthless, agitated, and angry at myself.

Quite interesting.


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