What do we mean by "God"?

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In a recent interaction via Twitter, I had a friend of mine make the comment, "Anyone touting that their God does anything to anyone is stupid and dangerous." To which I replied, "I think where we part ways is what you mean by God. And action."

I think where I have challenges arguing (or even stating, really) my viewpoint with others is that I don't think we're ever talking about the same idea of God. And worse, I don't think anyone realizes how important this issue is. If we're not talking about the same thing but think we are, of course we can't understand each other. Of course it is frustrating as all hell.

I think we need to voice some real differences in our belief of who or what God is. And this varies even from inside Christian denominations, let alone any of the non-Abrahamic faiths.

The Jewish (Kabbalah) Godhead

Last week this was clearly illustrated to me when reading Karin Armstrong's "Through the Narrow Gate," which is her memoir about the seven years she spent as a nun of St. Ignatius' tradition in the 1960's. Through reading this book, I finally grasped some of the core beliefs of some of the Catholic faith, and realized, in real shock actually, that Catholicism is an entirely different religion that contemporary Protestant Christianity.



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