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>> Saturday, June 25, 2011

I just wanted to post a few pictures, both past and present, of stuff around town that makes me proud to by an Olympian.

Traditions participated in this event
Dine Out to Fight AIDS happened toward the end of April, and happens every year.  I love seeing the signs everywhere and seeing which restaurants choose to participate.  It's a big deal!  These restaurants forfeit an entire day's sales (not including bar sales) toward this cause~and still pay for the labor and supplies!  What a great, great thing to do.

Downtown Starbucks
Whatever you may think of Starbucks, this made my day as I rushed in there for some quick decaf before my shift at Radiance.  (I'd spend time here explaining why I was at evil Starbucks instead of local B & B, but that's a whole other blog post.)  While I was taking this picture, the employee told  me that this location would be LEED certified, if it weren't for the very old building it's housed in, which can't be.  My heart grew to encompass this Starbucks, at least. :)

Outside of Mix 96 FM

This is self-explanatory.

Holy Basil at Radiance
Radiance has free tea, every day of the week, every day of the year that we're open.  Our current selection is Holy Basil, which is a nice, relaxing tea.  It makes me so happy sometimes to be able to walk in and have a sip of tea when I'm downtown. :)

Double click to read it
This event just passed, but I think it's great.  The image is crappy, but the message is pretty fantastic. Unitarian Universalists have good hearts.  And so does Traditions.

...Just some of the lovely things I see here in Olympia as I go through, day to day!


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