Freaking Arthurian Myths

>> Sunday, February 26, 2012

My stepmother's sister passed away this week.  It hit me hard.

One of my 'assignments' from my counselor is to borrow from my heritage, using some of the tools my ancestors have used to say goodbye to her--to honor her life.  I've also been charged to look to my ancestors to help perform a rite/ritual around self-protection.

Oddly excited, I turned to to validate what I believed to be true about my heritage.  On my mother's side, I was told we were German, Dutch, and Norwegian.  So far, it's just English.  I've gone through as many names as I have on my family tree (not too many names, though...) and they're all English.

As for my biological father, I'd always believed he was Irish.   Who knows, though, really.  His name is either Spanish in origin, or Greek.  So yeah.  No Irish Ballads for me.

As I've been researching into English history, English rites of death, English religion in general, all I get is general pagan stuff (not boring per se, but I work at Radiance, okay?  I've lived in Olympia for decades.  I'm very familiar with pagan rites/rituals.  I wanted something more exotic, lol.  Or at least something I'm not surrounded by all of the time and no longer have personal interest in.  Of course I told Karin this (my boss) and she laughed).  There's another thing too.  It's...well...this...


Are you kidding me?  Am I a 14 year old, pale-skinned boy?  No, I'm joking, sort of.  If I love Jungian psychology, Joseph Campbell, and myths like I say I do, I should probably love it, right?  Well, let's embrace it, I guess.  (or go rent The Mists of Avalon, as per Karin's suggestion.)

For now, I'll share some decidedly English, decidedly death-related, Stonehenge.


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